Duncan Real Estate Group is a newly formed, mother and son, real estate brokerage. They had a mission to be different and wanted a website that reflected that. They wanted a modern site that attracted both clients and other agents looking to join their team. Duncan specifically requested that all design elements be functional and serve a purpose.
They were very proud of their new logo design and the location icon. I decided to make it functional and placed it on top of the hero image, as if to say, we found your new home. The hero image needed to be local, so I sent our photographer out to find the best vantage point looking down on one of the neighborhoods that covered.
The site also needed to connect with the IDX iHomefinder plattform and it’s listing would be embedded directly into the site. Having worked with this system before, I knew that the interface allowed for very little css manipulation. Therefore, I needed to make sure the design of the had similar characteristics, so the embeds didn’t look out of place.

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