Hi, I’m Melissa Caven, a Senior UX/UI designer with 12+ years of experience - currently based in Chicago, IL. 
My approach to graphic design consists of meaningful collaboration, a keen listening ear, data-driven insights and a passion for the craft. Designs should showcase each client’s unique brand while meeting their users objectives. And that's exactly where I set my intentions each time I create.
While working with over 100 clients nation-wide, I’ve had the opportunity to perfect my craft and combine the latest trends with classic styles. I enjoy collaborating with our international development teams to create solutions that seamlessly integrate into Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or WordPress platforms.
As a lead designer I consult directly with clients from discovery through design and completion of their project. I strategically assign the design team for every incoming client and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. 
When I’m not in a production meeting or revealing a mock design to a client, I can be found doing photography at the beach or decorating cupcakes with my mom - a hobby that lets me put down the mouse and work with my hands.
melissa@cavendesign.com | 541.915.4660
Thank you!
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