Hi, I’m Melissa Caven, a web/graphic designer currently based in Eugene, Oregon.
I was first brought into the amazing world of web design more than 3 years ago when my boss and the head of the digital media department approached me with a desperate need and a short deadline. Needless to say, I never back down from a challenge. Since that day I have designed 45 websites and loved every minute of it.
My favorite part of web design is the collaborative team. Bringing disciplines together to achieve the clients wants and the users needs. Because I have been fortunate to work on a team that collaborates on every project, I have been exposed to all the disciplines involved in Web Design from photography to CSS and for the past year I’ve worked a an assistant to our in-house photographer absorbing as much knowledge as I can.
The more I know, the better I can design.
When I’m not in a production meeting or revealing a mock design to a client, I can be found doing photography at the beach or decorating cupcakes with my mom. A hobby that lets me put down the mouse and work with my hands.
melissa@cavendesign.com | 541.915.4660
Thank you!
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