H&L Brands is a supplier for two brands of whole foods and plant-based cereal products, Mana Mills and Stone Ground Mills. They are a new company with a mission to promote healthy living through healthy eating. The goal of the site was to have a simple design that reached a younger generation then the typical older generations who generally bought hot cereal.
I worked closely with my content writer on this project to craft the story of the site’s homepage and molded design to message. We decided to take customers through their day and introduce H&L Brands into it. By showing them the benefits of starting their day off fueled by whole grains and cereals and then how to keep themselves fueled throughout the day with rice and beans.
The new online store required stellar photography and I worked closely to our photographer during the shoot, helping to dictate how the products were shot. We decided it was essential to show the products out of the bag, both for bulk and packaged products, and to showcase as much detail as possible, down to a single grain. This reinforced to the customer that H&L Brands supplies all natural ingredients.

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